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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the process after a Report is submitted to the CPSC?

When a Report is submitted, the CPSC has up to five business days, where practicable, to review the Report and any accompanying pictures or documents, to check for the minimum statutorily-required information, and to send the Report to the manufacturer or private labeler identified in the Report. Occasionally, it may take longer than five business days to forward a Report to a manufacturer, if the company is out of business, or where the CPSC cannot find valid contact information.

Reports that contain the minimum statutorily-required information are posted on 10 business days after the CPSC sends a copy of the Report to the manufacturer or private labeler. This means that a Report is generally posted to within approximately 15 business days after which it was submitted to the CPSC.

A manufacturer or private labeler that receives a Report from the CPSC can submit a comment in response to the Report at any time. Businesses can choose whether or not to have their comments visible online along with the Report. If a business wants its comment to appear in at the same time as the Report, it must submit the comment to the CPSC with sufficient time to allow CPSC staff to review the comment before the Report is published in At the end of the 10-business-day period, the CPSC will publish the Report, along with any comments the manufacturer has requested to be posted, to

Will the CPSC investigate my Report and take action?

Agency staff examines every Report that is submitted. Due to the large volume of Reports received by the CPSC each year, agency staff, unfortunately, cannot investigate and respond to every Report individually. As a data-driven agency, every Report is important to the CPSC as it undertakes additional analysis and product investigations, where appropriate.

Still have questions?

You can use the Online Contact Form or call (800) 638-2772 to contact CPSC's Hotline for any additional questions.