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For the first time, gives consumers the ability to publically report brand-specific product safety concerns. Some of these reports could be about your company's products,'s new Business Portal gives your company a quick and easy way to respond to these reports.

You can review and comment on reports online. And companies also can claim that a report contains confidential or materially inaccurate information, all in one easy to use and secure online environment.

It's important for CPSC to contact the right person in your business quickly so that you have enough time to respond before a report is published. In this video, we will walk you through the steps to register your business online.

To register for the Business Portal, go to and click on the blue registration button to start. Registration takes just a few minutes to complete.

On the page "CPSC Business Portal" you will see a "Register" button and "Frequently Asked Questions" that you may find helpful. When you click on "Register" you will need to accept the terms of use. Once you accept these terms, you will see the one-page registration form.

Be sure to fill out ALL of the required fields. The fields are starred like this: The first section asks for basic business information. You MUST select whether you are a manufacturer, private labeler, or importer to receive incident reports about your company's products.

The next section asks you to provide an EMAIL ADDRESS as your business user name or UserID The "Primary Contact" information you provide will identify THE person your business designates to receive reports submitted to about your company's products. CPSC will notify your primary contact when your account has been set up. The primary contact can then add other contacts and designate who can receive and provide responses on a Report submitted to about your company's products.

Finally, you will need to type words into the security box. If you find the security words hard to read, simply click the refresh button for new words. After typing in the security words, you can submit your registration. Registration is as easy as that.

When CPSC receives a report about a product that your company manufactures, imports, or that carries your business' private label, the agency has five business days, where practicable, to send that report to your business. Once the report is sent to your company's designated contacts, you can choose to respond to the report.

Your business can respond anytime, but if you want your response considered before the report publishes, you must submit your response to CPSC with sufficient time for CPSC to review it. Reports will be posted on 10 business days after they are sent to you. Your Primary Contact will receive an email from CPSC confirming that we've received your registration. That email will provide more information. CPSC appreciates your cooperation.

We hope that you find the site easy to use.

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CPSC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database on, particularly with respect to information submitted by people outside of CPSC.