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3 piece sofa set, fabric. Homelegance product, Bought from Pacific lifestyle Furniture [REDACTED]
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Pacific Lifestyle Furniture
I bought 3 piece sofa set delivered in Dec 2019 from "Pacific Lifestyle Furniture" [REDACTED], Beaverton
Or, 97006. These sofas have multiple issue and unsafe for me and my family.
1) Loss arm rest broken after delivery, Reported to store. Sharp nails in arms rests, hurt my arm elbow two time.
Reported to Store but no help.
2) Console lid broken within 1st moth , request seller to fix but never got back, My kid hurt his hand twice while
closing it.
3) Very unstable sofa set, Afraid that my minor kids if push it on themseleves, they will got injured eailsy.
4) There are number of other issues like , tearing off fabric all over the sofa, from sofa seats, white foam start visible.
5) I informed seller multiple time from the time of delivery about the quality of product. I requested to retrun and
refund my full money back but they always ignored and never resolved my issue.
6) I heard seller closed his location recently where i purchased my sofa.
7) Requested manufacturer but no response.
8) Requested Warranty safeware but they denied my claim as its within manufacturer/ seller warranty period.
Please help to get my full money refunded and compenstation for my struggle, injuries i had due to this product.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
39 years

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