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Gas Ranges or Ovens (279)
Fisher & Paykel Appliances    
RDU 33610
Direct Cabinet Sales
Introduction: Reading in January issue of [REDACTED] an article "How to Complain Well..." reminded me of how when I complained to Fisher & Paykel who made my DCS stove, they referred me to an authorized repair company, Jersey Coast Appliance, whose technicians made several visits to my home to repair a burner on the stove but actually made it worse and then could not repair it properly. And then, Fisher & Paykel provided an alternate authorized repair company after I complained to them, Jersey Appliance, who ended up repairing it to what they described as the "best that could be done." I was left with a kind of crippled burner knob. But at least they stopped the gas leak that was not fixed by the first repair company.
Details to the best of my memory: We purchased a DCS Stove RDU 33610, dual fuel, self-clean oven Serial #UPP431281 which was delivered on February 20, 2012 costing $5,475.00. The first thing I noticed was the very loud noise when the oven is on. A call to the manufacturer resulted in them telling me it is normal. It is still loud to this day. The second thing began in 2016. The front left burner would not stop clicking when turned on. A call to the manufacturer resulted in receiving the name of an authorized repair company, Jersey Coast Appliance in Toms River, NJ. I called them on June 9 and they sent a technician on June 15 to repair it. He checked the burner and acknowledged the problem, saying it needs a part. I don't know what he did in examining the burner but after he left we noticed a gas odor. So we didn't use that burner again and waited 3 months until I called them on September 6 to find out if the part came in. On September 9 the tech returned and acknowledged gas smell and said it was leaking. He said it needed a new valve. By the way, while he was working on my stove, he appeared to not know what he was doing. He was sweating and sparks were flying out of the burner all over the kitchen! I called them again on September 30. They said they couldn't get the valve. The tech returned on October 5 and tried again to fix it, apparently with a new suddenly materialized valve. I noticed and complained to the Tech that now the knob was pushed in and not turning smoothly. The tech wrote that he straightened the valve stem and acknowledged it was still stiff and left it like that. I called his office to complain speaking with a woman named [REDACTED] who said she would "look at the paperwork and call back on Monday". On October 7 she called back saying the tech "never touched the knobs" which was not true. My husband called them back asking to speak with a manager. Three days later on October 10, and again on October 17 we were told that the service manager would call. We were fed up. On October 25, we called the manufacturer and spoke with a "[REDACTED]" who gave our information to the Customer Relations Department to complain about their authorized repair company, Jersey Coast. They said they would call Jersey Coast who never did anything about it. We then obtained the name of another authorized repair company, Jersey Appliance, Monroe, NJ. On November 14, 2016 we received a call from their employee, [REDACTED]. We were told that the valve part plus labor would come to $263.58. (We had already paid $139 to Jersey Coast!!!) We were also told that he had to call the manufacturer for information on how to fix the stove! From what I remember I was at some point told that the valve was "obsolete" and that they fixed the stove so that it would not leak gas but nothing could be done to make the knob work smoothly the way it did before and the way the other knobs still do. One of the people at Jersey Appliance, I believe his name may have been "[REDACTED]", mentioned something about a "bent or dislocated valve" and referred to a Valve #210586. I was told to speak with "[REDACTED]" at the manufacturer. [REDACTED] said he would get a "consultant" to call me. Someone named "[REDACTED]" said she would create a Customer Relations "file" and "rectify" the situation. This went on between the manfacturer and Jersey Appliance for months. On December 5, 2016 we spoke with "[REDACTED]" at Jersey Appliance who said "[REDACTED]" was busy and could not come to the phone. [REDACTED] was supposed to call us to tell us how they were going to rectify the problem. On December 29, we called the manufacturer and spoke with "[REDACTED]" who pulled up the file. She said she saw "[REDACTED]" notes in the file which indicated [REDACTED] is dealing with Jersey Appliance. [REDACTED] put me on hold while she talked to "Tech Support" because she didn't know who "[REDACTED]" was! [REDACTED] then told me that the file was "closed" because no parts were available. I protested. [REDACTED] then said she would "email [REDACTED]" to give me a "call back." [REDACTED] said she marked it "urgent." On January3, 2017 received message [REDACTED] says "wrong part #". On January 5, 2017 we tried to call her. A "[REDACTED]" answered the phone and transferred me to "Fisher & Peykel Customer Relations Team." A "[REDACTED]" requested proof of purchase which I emailed to her at the address given me: [REDACTED] with File Ref #[REDACTED] in subject line as requested. We received a reply email with Case #[REDACTED]. On January 16, 2017 a tech from Jersey Appliance installed a part. And we paid $308.78. The knob is no longer pushed in. But it is still a bit stiff. There are no leaks. It is fixed as best as they can do. this is what we were told and we have been living with it. The oven remains loud when in use. The REASON I have written this to you is because [REDACTED] advised me to do so after I commented on their article,"How to Complain Well..."
Incident, No Injury
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