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GE Revel light bulb, 75 Watt (Halogen capsule)
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This is to report that GE Revel 75 watt light bulbs (there is a halogen capsule inside) are prone to exploding. So, far I've had 3 of these bulbs explode in a bathroom light fixture. Prior two times the light was on and no one was in the room at the time. Today, the bulb exploded while I was in the bath room. The halogen capsule fails and then outer glass envelope explodes into thousands of pieces and glass dust, and phosphorous dust. It's only because the bulb was shielded by a decorative glass panel that I was not injured.

This was not due to a power surge. This is a product flaw.
Incident, No Injury
67 years
Mfgr does not make it easy to lodge a complaint.
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IMG_5082[1].JPG Exploded bulb
IMG_5084[1].JPG Glass shards with GE label

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