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Whirlpool Calypso Electric Dryer
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Whirlpool Calypso Electric Dryer
Yesterday I started a load of clothing in my Whirlpool Calypso electric dryer (model GEW9868KQ3). Immediately after I pushed the start button, sparks and smoke started coming from the control panel area. I disconnected the dryer from the power source, grabbed a fire extinguisher and opened the control panel. The inspection revealed that we had been incredibly lucky. The "technician service manual" that had been taped to the inside of the control panel wall had come loose and made contact with the control panel itself. The manual was on fire and so was the control panel.

This fire was not due to negligence, lack of maintenance or improper use. It was due to a dangerous practice of taping a paper manual less than one inch from the circuit board. Upon reviewing other complaints filed with the CPSC, apparently Whirlpool has done this with multiple models. In this instance, we were very fortunate that the fire did not spread, mainly because we were home at the time and put it out immediately. Had this happened when we were not at home, the fire could have destroyed our entire house.

This is a dangerous oversight that can, thankfully, be corrected if Whirlpool addresses it. I urge the CPSC or other oversight bodies to address this immediately before someone loses their home or life to a completely preventable fire.
Incident, No Injury
Sent email to Whirlpool Customer Service today. Will keep dryer until we receive a response.

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