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Quadra WS22 Wood burning Stove made by Aladdin Hearth Products in Colville, WA and sold by Preston Trading post in Preston CT - Bought 11/25/2017 and they call it a ECO choice. I am having the chimney men come AGAIN and both Preston and Aladdin and pushing back to the other. I was looking on the back and could not find where the date of the manufactured was but I will ask my chimney guy.
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Quadra WS22
Quadra WS22
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I bought this stove from Preston Trading Post in CT in 2017, Used it in 2017 and not 18 but started using it this year with bad results. The carbon monoxide units went off and the fire company came twice to my home and were trying to figure out what was happening in my home and it came to the stove. It is leaking in the back of the stove. It has it own intake of air and the chimney is clean. So I cannot use it. I called Preston and they told me to call the chimney guys again which I am waiting for to have them look at it however at this point I do not want this stove and Preston did not seen the least bit interested that I had carbon monoxide poisoning from this and asking me question about things which of course they had too, but honesty the FIRE company and the OIL company was at my house for two days and it is the stove that is leaking. I do not want this stove in my home and would like a replacement and do not feel I have to go through loops and more people to pay to see if it works again to have more carbon in my home. How do I get this going? My number is [REDACTED]. I appreciate some response. I cannot believe that Preston would not want to just come and get this stove and stand by the product.

Also I emailed the company and this was there response: should I contact a lawyer? just to add I did have to go to the hospital and I did have CM poisoning
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Our Recommendation is as follows:
I do apologize but the dealer is in fact your best resource for replacements and solutions. In the event that the chimney guys do not come to a solution for your problem, you would need to reach out to Preston Trading Post.

We go to market for all parts, service, and sales through our authorized dealers. Your dealer is your best resource and can assist you with technical support as well as obtaining new parts if necessary. I have included a link below to find an authorized dealer near you
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I had a outside air pipe added
Comment from QUADRA FIRE 1/31/2020
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