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It is a camper for LOL dolls
Toys & Children
Toy Vehicles (Excluding Riding Toys) (5021)
MGA Entertainment Inc    
LOL Glamper LLC
Bought my daughter the LoL glamper for Christmas. We were setting it up and underneath is a button (with a sticker says push button gently or carefully) which allows you to separate the front from back of camper. I pushed it with my pinky finger (right hand) gently as it stated and it got stuck bc the second piece of plastic inside pinches down and doesn’t allow you to get your finger out then. It clamps tighter and tighter, I was screaming for my husband. My poor 6 year old is traumatized and doesn’t even want to play with this expensive toy now. We had to pull my finger so hard to get it out that it tore off a layer of my skin and now the distal medial portion of my finger is numb. A friend of mine showed me multiple people posting on sites about this issue and when o called MG entertainment they already knew of this issue. It’s a shame they were aware and didn’t post a recall or public notice when I’m sure millions bought this for the holiday season. Their site claims they triple check for safety but this is more than an oversight especially since they are aware. Product should be recalled. Thankful it wasn’t my child’s finger.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
37 years
I can’t return since we opened it. I called MGAE and reported injury and said someone will contact me in 24-48 hours that it was a known issue.
Comment from MGA Entertainment Inc 1/15/2020
Consumer contacted us on 12/26/19 for resolution. Thank your for the information. Information regarding these incidents were sent to the CPSC Office of Compliance. The product was certified by third party lab and reviewed internally for compliance to all applicable standards.

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