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T3 Single pass wave
1.25"-0.75"professional styling wand
Personal Care
Hair Curlers, Curling Irons, Clips & Hairpins (1682)
T3 Micro
Single Pass Wave 1.25"-0.75" professional styling wand
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8/1/2019 This date is an estimate
I purchased a T3 single pass styling wand several months ago.  I have recently started to use it regularly, and I loved the way it gave me natural looking waves.  I have always used it with the heat glove.  Yesterday I was almost finished using it before going to a concert, when I put it down on the counter to look in the mirror at the back of my head.  I picked it up, inadvertently palming the hot side of the wand.  I got a pretty significant burn to the inside of my fingers on my right hand.  
When I look at the design of the product, it seems so easy to make an error like I did and touch the hot end because the entire wand is the same white color.  With older, traditional curling irons with a clamp handle, it would be almost impossible to grab the hot end because the handle is usually a black or white color and the hot part is chrome.  With this T3 product, I think my brain failed to see that I was lifting the wrong side.
I don't want this to happen to anyone else.  I'm afraid to use the product now even though I loved the waves it gave me.
I just wanted to give you my comments.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
42 years
I wrote an email to their customer service today.
Comment from T3 MICRO INC 1/16/2020
T3 takes product safety and customer concerns very seriously. We appreciate receiving this and all other information regarding our customers' use of T3 products, and are sorry to hear that this customer reported having this experience with one of our styling tools. T3 is committed to offering the highest quality hair tools and product safety is therefore incredibly important. We encourage anyone with questions or concerns about T3's products to contact us at 866.376.8880.

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