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Desk and hutch. Costco’s website did not say this product was made with Some parts of it as particle board. I was under the impression it was solid wood. It costs over $3000. I was also under the impression made in the U.S. since Aspen Homes sells the product to them. Found out later made in Vietnam
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12/21/2018 This date is an estimate
I purchased an office set from Costco in January, 2019 that nearly killed me. The brand is Aspen Homes in Arizona. Costco’s website did not have any California proposition marks on the product despite they sell the product in California.
Within days of getting the product, I started to have headaches, chest tightness, and develop huge reaction including gastritis and IBS. I am a very healthy person who used to travel to two states a week and I work in cancer research. I purchased a formaldehyde reader within a few days of getting the product and it was over 2.0 ppm. If I didn’t have my windows open, I wouldn’t be alive today. I had a toxicologist come out and test my house for EMF, mold, VOCs ect. My house is as clean as you can get. It’s the only new product we purchased at the time and I worked from home using the desk for the entire week.
I alerted Costco’s CEO and they removed the product from their website and from my house immediately. To date, I have spent $50,000 in medical costs and have suffered tremendously from this exposure. Rest assured I will be going after this company. I am conducting a full anaylsis on the product by several toxicologists who not only serve on the EU board of toxicology but are the top toxicologists in the world.

I have gone to the extent of having all sorts of genetics testing done to looks at SNPs and based on my detox pathways and P450 gene, my body does not have issues detoxing from chemicals which means this product is off the charts toxic.

It is beyond me that we are allowing products like this to be sold in the U.S. there were many many issues with this product. Please feel free to contact me with all of my medical records and proof of toxins.
Injury→Injury, Hospital Admission
30 years
I contacted Aspen Homes and requested for the manufacture break down of product. They wouldn’t provide manufacture information nor the product description details from the manufacturer.

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