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Black padded seat, black metal legs. Tripod design. Purchased from Walmart in Hampton (Lovejoy) GA. My 58 year old son looked online to see if there was a problem with this stool and he said that WalMart recalled the stool in 2016.
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WalMart pod stool
WalMart tripod stool
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On Sunday, November 24, 2019 I was getting ready to work at my kitchen sink. I put our kitchen metal stool in front of the sink and got ready to sit on it. I only got half of my body on it when I fell to the hard kitchen floor. I was stunned and could not move at first. The stool had collapsed. My adult son was standing by getting ready for work. He asked if he could help me up. I told him that I had to first catch my breath. When I finally was helped up, I had severe pain in my right foot, leg, knee, thigh, hip and back; also the right side of my neck and back hurt, as well as my entire buttock area and my left foot. The pain was excruciating. I used a cane and got to the bathroom where I wrapped my entire right foot, leg and knee in elastic bandages and a knee brace. I took 500 mg of [REDACTED] and placed [REDACTED] patches on my neck, and back areas...3 patches in all. I had a hard time going to sleep, but I did finally with my feet elevated on a large pillow.
I had an appointment with my cardiac doctor on Monday and told him what had happened with the collapsing stool. He said because of my extreme pain that was probably the reason my blood pressure and pulse rate was so high.
The chair collapse and my fall happened so suddenly that it was frightening. My 58 yr old son went online to see if Walmart had a problem with that stool. He learned that in 2016 the chair was recalled due to a fall hazard. I wish I had known. I did not. I usually follow recalls mainly on food items and cars.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
84 years
The collapsed stool is in our garage.
Comment from Walmart Stores Inc. 1/2/2020
Please contact the Walmart Customer Service Hotline at 1.800.925.6278 and provide the details of this incident

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