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Levolor 929771 Aluminum Blind trim and Go model
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Hunter Douglas    
New Jersey
Levolor Aluminum Blind, 929771 was installed 30+ days ago.
Consumer was raising the shade today and it fell from the brackets and hit her on the face.
Shade is a cordless blind which requires you to stand right next to the blind, inches away unlike older versions with cords you pull to raise
1. Blind brackets offer NO fail-safe to keep the blind in the bracket.
2. constant tugging on the blind to lower blind puts natural stress on the brackets eventually weakening them enough for the blind to slip off the brackets.
3. Blind is heavy from the automatic mechanism, add additional stress
4. Blind is not appropriate for handicapped people and should be marked as such.
This product needs to be recalled as unsafe. It can and did hurt a handicapped individual. It is also unsafe for children. Should a child tug on this blind and it comes out of its bracket, the weight of the blind could severely hurt a child or any individual.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Spouse
69 years
still have product
Comment from Hunter Douglas 12/30/2019
Thank you for this report regarding the Levolor 929771 cordless aluminum blind. If installed correctly and in accordance with the instructions provided, Levolor is confident that the provided brackets will securely hold the blind in place. While the submitter of this report did not provide their contact information, Levolor invites the submitter to contact customer service at 1-800-752-9677 so we can arrange for an inspection of the bracket installation.

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