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Keurig mini 1 Black and Silver trim

I had a defective one before and Kohl's exchanged it with the last one in the store, a newer model was out, but would only exchange for like the model.
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Keurig, Incorporated    
Keurig mini was used on our kitchen counter for the occasional coffee for guests. It leaked and spattered hot water sometimes, I put a glass tray to catch the water, trying to eliminate the mess. I did get hit in left eye with hot liquid about a month ago and stopped using it. The store wouldn't return it without a receipt to get a full refund.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
71 years
Since it is recalled maybe they will replace it.
Comment from Keurig, Incorporated 11/25/2019
Keurig has reached out to the customer and asked for the return of the brewer in question to validate the production year. Based on the pictures provided by the customer, we believe it to be the same model which was in the previous Recall in 2014, however it’s serial number was manually peeled off so there is no way for us to confirm without physically inspecting the unit. The customer was also advised of the proper maintenance routine including the high altitude setting (which is suitable for the area where the customer resides). At Keurig, our appliance products comply with all applicable codes, including UL-1082 - Standard for Household Electric Coffee Makers and Brewing-Type Appliances, to assure the design and construction meet or exceed the industrial safety standards. We encourage our customers to contact our Customer Care Center (866-901-2739), or visit, for any incident report or inquiry.
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