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Black French Door Samsung Refrigerator Model number RF323TEDBBC
Serial number V60443BF500021H
Refrigerators (276)
MAY 2014 
To whom it may concern:

I’m hoping you all can help me. My Samsung Refrigerator has become a danger to myself and my family including my elderly grandmother and very young children. Because of the lack of a response from anyone from Samsung including their of the president regarding my Better Business Bureau Claim, I am assuming that they have chosen to ignore my issues with the multiple defects I have been experiencing for 4 years with my constantly malfunctioning Samsung Refrigerator. I’ve complied with all requests and they have shown no willingness whatsoever to resolve this. That’s unfortunate because I was willing to negotiate a resolution in good faith. They’ve forced me to pursue other means to get a satisfactory resolution.

• I’ve contacted for the second time, the New Jersey Better Business Bureau. They have noted Samsung is refusing to offer a reasonable resolution to my complaint. My filed complaint will remain open until this is resolved.

• I am now contacting you with all with my supporting evidence I can to detail my claim of improper maintenance of safe temperatures in the refrigerator. I am approaching loss of food cost at $1,000. Myself, my two year old child and my 101 year old grandmother have become digestively ill due to food borne illnesses caused by unsafe Refrigerator temperatures

• I am providing supporting evidence to my attorney at [REDACTED], who are prepared to pursue legal action against Samsung.

• I’m providing any evidence of the issues with my refrigerator to any news media outlets who are interested (and there are several).

• I am contacting the Florida State Office of Consumer Affairs to ask them to look into Samsung’s lack of response to wronged consumers.

Samsung could have settled this with me by now and I would have happily gone away and put this behind me. But their inactions are pushing me to take this public and do what I have to do. There’s over 5,000 people in the [REDACTED] group aware of your wrongdoings who are experiencing problems. This group has new members asking to be added everyday! That’s just the tip of the iceberg for Samsung. I’ve had enough of owning a nearly $2,700 refrigerator that won’t make ice, won’t keep my food at safe temperatures and has shelves collapsing and smashing glass bottles onto my kitchen floor putting my guests myself and my family at serious risks. If my refrigerator was used in a restaurant, it would have been shutdown by the health inspectors.

Below please find documentation of the numerous times I have reached out to Samsung to try to find anyone willing to handle my dangerous defective refrigerator.

My refrigerator is becoming a danger to my family and is making them sick. My case has been referred to [REDACTED] but she has been ignoring me and lying to me. Here is the detailed message I sent to the Better Business Bureau after fighting my case for 4 years

Hello BBB. My husband & I purchased a new Refrigerator from Sears for $2,647.88 on June 9th 2014. It was delivered & installed July 7th 2014. The refrigerator worked great until just weeks over 1yr. Shelves & drawers cracked & began to cave even though we had used it only for regular grocery items. Sears referred me to Samsung since the defects appeared past 1yr. The Samsung agent I spoke to claimed my warranty did not cover physical damage & I would need to purchase new shelving & drawers. I stated I didn't do anything to break the drawers & shelves & didn't feel it was my responsibility. I was put on hold & passed around. Every agent agreed I would be responsible for the repairs. I spent $279.32 on the replacements 5/9/16 when the fridge became nearly unusable from the defective shelving.

Less than a month later everything we replaced broke again in the same way. I called again & was told I was obviously not using my refrigerator for what it was designed for & that again I would need to purchase replacements! I have dealt w/ several shelves & drawers still broken. Months after my replacements cracked & broke, my upper ice machine stopped functioning. I called again. I was told I was out of warranty but they could send a technician to fix my machine at 100% my cost parts & labor. Samsung again refused to take responsibility for my obviously defective unit. Honestly I didn't have any more time to spend fighting w/ a company that obviously didn't care about me, their customer, so I gave up & for the 2nd time & dealt w/ a refrigerator that only partially worked.

Now my family is dealing w/ illness issues that I assumed were stomach flus. In the past few weeks I have noticed my meat, dairy, fruit & vegetable groceries spoiling quickly after purchase & before their expiration date. I bought a separate refrigerator thermometer showing my refrigerators temp to be over 50F My refrigerator is set to 36F. I contacted Samsung yet again & again they refuse to provide a reasonable solution.

I need to be refunded the full cost of my Samsung refrigerator, the cost of my replacement shelves & drawers that were obviously defective from the start, the food I have lost due to improper cooling defects & the separate thermometer I purchased to provide Samsung proof. I have young children & a 101 year old live in grandmother. Feeding them food from this fridge could be life threatening. The shelves & drawers are a hazard as well. Last night my friend opened our fridge & one of the door shelves came crashing down on her bare feet along w/ 6 small glass bottles of salad dressing & sauces. There was broken glass & a very slippery floor surface everywhere. I can no longer "just deal" with how dangerous this refrigerator has become in more ways than one. I need to be able to replace this entire refrigerator as soon as possible. The last time I contacted support they asked for a case number. Every agent I have spoken w/ never gave me a case number, just advised I was out of warranty.

I submitted my BBB complaint on September 23rd 2019 at 11:10pm after I had to discard more spoiled food, my friend was injured from my defective shelving and after years and numerous attempts for Samsung to hear my obvious defects and do the right thing by me, their customer. Two days later, [REDACTED] from Samsungs Office of the President called me on September 25th at 12:40pm. During our recorded phone conversation, she issued me a claim number of [REDACTED]. She reviewed with me all of my issues as stated in my BBB complaint including my broken shelves and drawers, broken ice machine and my malfunctioning cooling system. I stated I wanted a full refund of $3,127.20 which included the cost of my refrigerator, the cost of replacing my defective shelving, the cost of the separate internal refrigerator thermometer I purchased to show proof of temperature malfunction and partial cost of the 100's of dollars of food I have lost (I have been informed that $200 in the max, which I far surpassed). She seemed to care and understand my frustration, but stated since Samsung had never serviced my unit, she would need to schedule a technician to attempt to repair all my issues first. If the defects could not be repaired, other measures would then be taken, but I must allow technician service at least once for Samsung to move any further with my case. I reiterated and confirmed with [REDACTED] that ALL of my defects documented in my BBB report would be repaired and she stated YES. In good faith I agreed to the service appointment.

On September 26th 2019 at 9:50am, [REDACTED] called me to set up the repair appointment. She again confirmed my shelving and drawer defects, my ice machine defect and my cooling system defect. She asked for additional details and requested I send detailed photos of everything broken in my refrigerator which I sent to her that day. She confirmed a technician would be to my home sometime on Monday September 30th 2019 and that I would receive a phone call at 9am that day to confirm a 2 hour window.

On Friday September 27th at 5:49pm a supervisor from [REDACTED] called me to inform that they would not be servicing my refrigerator Monday or ever. When I asked them why, they wouldn't explain, they just kept saying call Samsung and that they already called Samsung themselves to say they weren't servicing my fridge. I don't at all understand why [REDACTED] herself didn't immediately call me to reschedule with another repair company. I called her back at her extension immediately but quickly realized it was after business hours and the office would be closed until Monday. I immediately sent her a detailed email of what had occurred with [REDACTED]. No email back and no call.

I called [REDACTED] again Monday September 30th 2019 at 9:00am. I left a message on her voicemail. I called back immediately to try to speak to the first available agent and got another agents voicemail. No call back from either

I called again, yesterday October 1st 2019 and again left a message on [REDACTED] voicemail. I called again to attempt to get the first available agent on the phone. An agent named [REDACTED] answered my call but did not want my details or to help me in any way other than making sure she got [REDACTED] to answer my call. [REDACTED] wouldn't come to the phone, so [REDACTED] took my message but wouldn't help me in any other way. [REDACTED] would not call me back. I waited all day and she finally emailed me after business hours at 5:38pm stating since my shelves were broken Samsung wouldn't service my fridge at all????

This was my response:


I have three issues. My fridge will NOT stay cool and my food is continuing to spoil. My ice machine is broken AND I have shelves and drawers that are broken to to defects (not misuse). I already replaced the defective shelving at my personal expense once, and they immediately broke again. I am well aware of the class action lawsuits against Samsung and that a complete refund is due to me. I accepted your offer that ALL my manufacturer defects be repaired as a first step in good faith.

On our recorded call, you stated all of my issues I reported to the Better Business Bureau would be addressed and repaired at no cost to me. I even repeated myself and asked you again if everything would be fixed and you said yes.

Please either have [REDACTED] fix all my issues or send a technician/company who can. Anything less is unacceptable. If you are again unwilling to help me and if I need to go back through the BBB, the Attorney General or have contact with my own personal attorney to have my 4 year ongoing issues resolved, please advice of that.

Thank you for you immediate attention to this matter


She refuses to email me or call me back.

I'm really unsure why Samsung has refused to help me for years as my very expensive refrigerator continues to deteriorate and put my families health and safety at risk. The more time that continues to pass the more my family is losing and experiencing hardships. I feel that if no one will help me at this point, I will have no choice but to continue to pursue legal action with my attorney who will also charge Samsung legal fees when I take my case to small claims court here in Florida. I really don't want it to get to that point. I'm simply asking for the $3,127.20 that's the minimal due to me so that I may replace my refrigerator with a fully functioning unit. With the loss of my food the total is well over $4,000 to date.

There are literally thousands of consumers that are victims just like me. I’m hoping you all can help alert other consumers of these dangerous appliances Samsung continues to sell. I’m also hopeful a full recall will take place and Samsung will redesign more effective dependable safe products.

Thank you So much for your time,

Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
41 years
I still own the fridge but it’s hardly usable. I have reached out to Samsung neuromuscular times over the last 4 years and my losses and hardships are over $4,000 and counting. I want a complete refund so that I may replace my refrigerator

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