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Kitchen aid serial #R43410436 model# KERS202BSSI Electric range
Electric Ranges or Ovens (Excl Counter-top Ovens) (278)
Kitchen Aid
Purchased a Kitchen aid stove serial#R43410436 Model #Kers202BSSI in 2014. It came with a 1yr warranty which I chose not to extend since I had problems from day 1. I fought to make them extend 6 months which they did. Since that time I have had multiple problems that they covered as SAFETY but the last two could have caused a major problem.

The last 3 issues were electric causing potential fires. All were averted but very scary. The first time enclosed element caught fire. They replaced it no questions asked remember no warranty that was in ? a few years back. In 2019 the replaced element again caught fire around Easter. Then again in June 2019 the stove was on preheat low and one top burner on low. Hurt loud bang all power in house went out, we immediately unplugged stove from its own 3 pronged plug which is on its own fuse. Yet entire house blew and took awhile before power could be reset. Once again they sent someone out this time to replace element again BUT technician stated wires in back were too close and needed to be separated and that is how it caused power outage. He returned a week later corrected it and replaced element. On Friday Sept 27th I was baking at 350degrees turned off oven. It was off for 20 minutes. Getting ready for work and smelled burning went to check and saw stove was flashing DEFAULT TURN OFF POWER. The stove was extremely hot all over had difficulty moving stove out to pull plug.

I then started attempting to call Whirlpool, Kitchen aid, May tag no one answers. Their online doesn't reply corporate safety didn't reply. I eventually got through by bypassing a different choice of numbers. I eventually sneaked into the executive line and spoke to a [REDACTED][REDACTED]. He states they will replace stove at 65% of MRSP cost.

My issue is it has been an issue that they must be aware of or why keep fixing with no warranty. They put myself and family at risked. I would like answers and a new stove as I know this one has been a lemon from day one in 2014. I do not want anyone else to be at potential risk. I speak up but many maybe have been fixing on their own or bought new.

Thank you
Incident, No Injury
69 years
they state they will replace and take it

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