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Samsung Counter Depth Refridgerator. Model RF23HCEDBSR/AA,
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6/14/2015 This date is an estimate
In June of 2015 I bought a brand new Samsung Fridge to replace an older model that was too big for the space, By Summer of 2016 the icemaker had quit, and I had to replace 2 right door bins ($35 each) that simply shattered. I live alone so no one else uses the fridge. I replaced all three door bins over the next 2 years twice, but didn't replace the latest one to fail. The ice maker I went without fixing until Aug of 2017 ( long story) when I had the money to have it fixed. $154.06. The fix lasted 6 months. It has not worked until I had another major issue. Apparently around May of this year the evaporator fan froze over. I had no indication of when or how as the front control panel assured me the temp was 34 degrees. However, I noticed I kept having issues with food going bad and being sick. In June 2019 I got sick and my youngest cat got sick after eating left over food. The cat was ill for a month ($400 or more) and I had near constant diarrhea. By the end of the month I stuck a thermometer in the fridge and found the true temp was 50 degrees. I called for repairs and after waiting another week got the fridge repaired for $424.18. He also thawed the ice maker. However, I also have found the water filter is unmovable- it must be frozen in place. The ice maker "fix" ie silicon sealant lasted 2 weeks. It is currently frozen over. The button on top of the left door that controls the flap to seal the fridge broke off sometime during this summer. I have yet to find out where it is. This fridge is unsafe and unreliable to the extreme that I find myself shopping for another fridge ( saving my money now) and telling everyone I meet to avoid Samsung. I've met one person (and I've told lots and found lots who were doing what I was) who has had hers for 8 years with no problems. I told her good luck.
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