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memory foam mattress
Face: 100% rayon
inner:100% polyester
Back:100% polyester bottom: 100% polyester
Inner cover: 60% glass fiber 40% viscose
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Bedroom, Bedding & Bath
Mattresses, Not Specified (4010)
ALDI, Inc.    
Huntington Homes
memory foam 10 inch matress
Less than a year ago in October we bought a mattress from Aldi. We had previously purchased a high end mattress from a furniture store and did not have a good experience. We were skeptical at first but when we brought the product home we loved it until yesterday. We recently started having lots of mosquitoes due to the rain here in Oklahoma. For a week now I've been sleeping restlessly because I was getting bites in my sleep. Or so I thought. I was waking to sharp pricks mostly in my legs. Finally yesterday I was awake to feel the pain. 100% alert. After having freshly washed all my linens and putting them back on my bed, I lied down on the bed to chat with my husband when I felt sharp prickles in my arms. I convinced my husband to feel the sheets and he felt it too. I got up and checked the sheets really closely to find small tiny glittery needles all over my sheets. At first I was at a loss to what it could be. But I remembered watching people patch boats as a child and remembered the fibers in fiberglass netting for patches. So I googled it. I found that fiber glass is used to encase beds because it meets the requirements of flame retardant bedding. I know from reading the packaging of fiberglass that it is hazardous to the skin, eyes, nose and lungs. Because fiberglass can imbed, it can cause blindness among many other things. My skin, eyes and throat are irritated as well as my husband's. I wrote an email to Aldi asking for a refund and they have not responded. The mattress was supposed to have a teen year warranty. Fiberglass is known to be hazardous why is this legal?
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
My Spouse
35 years

Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
40 years
The product is outside near the trash receptacle. I emailed Aldi yesterday after the incident.

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