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Pyrex baking dish, glass
Cookware & Tableware
Nonmetal Cookware (Nonelectric) (461)
World Kitchen, LLC    
Baked brownies in my 8x8 Pyrex dish and as it was cooling on my pot holders the glass exploded and shattered all over the kitchen.
Incident, No Injury
26 years
Comment from World Kitchen, LLC 10/24/2019

Corelle Brands, LLC (“Corelle Brands”) appreciated receiving this 6A report on October 10, 2019 (“Report No. 20190913-EE892-2147377701” or “report”), and the opportunity to provide a response to the Commission. As an initial matter, Corelle Brands notes that there is no reported injury or property damage, and that the referenced product complies with applicable durability and testing protocols. Further, the product is not the subject of an associated recall or other corrective action.

Upon receiving this report, Corelle Brands immediately searched its database for any contact and/or information received from the customer. Corelle Brands’ records confirmed that the customer never contacted Corelle Brands regarding this or any other matter .

Corelle Brands does not believe that its bakeware product presents a defect, quality issue, safety issue or any other problem in any respect. Pyrex® user instructions are included with the product and online at, and they repeatedly, clearly and conspicuously provide consumers with instructions on how to avoid extreme thermal changes and minimize the possibility for breakage.

Customer satisfaction and safety is Corelle Brands’ top priority, and we encourage all our customers to contact us at any time, whether by phone or email. Thank you again for the notification and the opportunity to provide this response.

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