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Samsung Top loading washing machine
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Samsung Top loading washing machine
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I notified Samsung last Thursday in regards to black mold being discovered in between the layers of the washer drum as well as under the agitator plate on my top loading washer model #WA5471ABP/X. Samsung noticed that there had been a previous recall regarding balance issues leading to exploding lids when used in the spin cycle for this particular model washer. They refused to take any action in regards to the mold issue that upon further research is caused from a design flaw in manufacturing that causes the washer to accumulate moisture in above noted areas leading to growth of toxic black mold. A service for the recall was made the following day 8/30 in order to expedite the ticket for manufacturer defect causing mold growth. I explained to Samsung that the washer was purchased in March 2012 and my youngest daughter was born in April 2012, since she was born she has had numerous types of unexplained rashes as well as numerous visits for upper respiratory infections, all documented with her physician. All with unexplained cause that is until the mold growth was discovered. It is well known that exposure to black mold can lead to various skin rashes, upper respiratory issues, headaches, as well as many other complaints. It is noted to Samsung that our washer is located in a laundry closet in our main living area of our house and also near our daughters bedroom. Her clothes were continually washed in the contaminated washer, some being left to air dry. It was noted that laundry often had a musty smell (another sign of mold growth) after washing, even after immediate removal once wash cycle complete. I have taken samples of the mold growth to send to lab if needed. I will also reach out to my daughters physician to see if any blood work is needed in regards to mold exposure. We have since stopped using the washer and dryer due to concerns of any cross continuation it may now have. Samsung's response to this issue is concerning, especially given the hundreds of complaints that are noted on their community support page on their website in regards to this exact issue. Samsung's blatant disregard to the health and safety of their consumers in regards to using known faulty manufactured appliances is alarming. They're insisting upon repair, which does not remove the current presence of mold nor does it prevent future accumulation of mold because as noted this is a flaw in the design of washing machine. I'm asking for refund for my washer, as well as my compromised dryer. Due to their insistence on having it serviced I must now continue to house an unhealthy and unsafe appliance within range of my family including my child who already shows signs of mold exposure. We were out of the house Sat-Mon with no signs of sickness during that time and within 24 hrs of being back in our house my youngest daughter developed a rash on her arms, upper torso and cheeks, as well as sneezing and coughing. I can't help but know in my gut that this is due to her exposure to black mold. This health and safety concern needs to be addressed!! I have filed a complaint with the New Jersey BBB in regards to Samsung's negligence on this matter.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
My Child
6 years
Complaint regarding concerns filed 8/29/19

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