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Apple Watch 3, 42mm, GPS no Cellular
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watch Series 3 (gps) alum 42mm
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I purchased a third generation Apple 3 watch on July 13 of this year from After approximately 3 weeks of gentle use, the glass face of the watch separated from the aluminum housing unexpectedly due to unknown defect in mfg., quality or design. It did not separate as in a mechanical joint between the housing and face failed but failed as in a crack formed in the radius of the glass face around the perimeter leaving a razor sharp glass edge exposed. I was working at my desk when the separated portion of the glass face broke away without my knowledge tethered by the remains of the interface cable. I became aware of the failure when I felt the glass face cut me on the wrist just forward of my watch wearing position. I immediately contacted Apple and notified them of the failure and injury. After initially asking me to return the watch for repair and examination under warranty I was contacted a few days later and told this defect was not their problem and i could either pay them to fix it (more than the value of the watch) or they would be happy to recycle it for me. I elected to have it returned and would be happy to provide it to the CPSC for further investigation. My injury was not severe; a small bleeding cut but it could have been much worse and I expect I am not the only consumer this has happened to. This is a dangerous product and the manufacturer is not taking responsibility for this defect.
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Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
40 years
yes I have it and the manufacturer refused to repair under warranty citing it is not their issue
File NameDescription
IMG_2152.jpg cut
IMG_2154.jpg defective watch, see perimeter crack, blood from cut
IMG_2155.jpg cut after blood stopped
IMG_20190826_203140.jpg serial, model, etc. from package

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