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Winco CHH-601 Wooden 19 x 20 x 41" Pub Height High Chair
Nursery Equipment & Supplies
High Chairs (1555)
Winco, DWL International Trading, LLC    
Item #: CHH-601
This is a report on the Winco pub height high chair. My wife and I were at a restaurant and had our 11 month old in one of these high chairs. The center of gravity of the chair is off, and just by pushing on the bar height table in front of him, my infant was able to begin tipping the chair on his own. Fortunately I was right there and able to stop him from falling, so there was no injury or fall, but it is obvious that any child could tip the entire chair.
Other Public Property/Office 
Incident, No Injury
My Child
0 years 11 months
Comment from Winco, DWL International Trading, LLC 9/12/2019
We are in receipt of and have reviewed your report dated August 21, 2019, providing consumer complaint information concerning an incident associated with a product reportedly sold by DWL International Trading, LLC. (Report ID #: 20190821-308B1-2147379153).

Please contact our team member Roberto Sirotich at your earliest convenience so that we may further discuss this matter with you. Mr. Sirotich’s contact information is as follows:

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