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Clothes dryer | GFDR270EH0WW
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General Electric
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1/1/2015 This date is an estimate
General Electric Dryer
Model - GFDR270EH0WW
Serial - ZD102239G

On April 20th, 2019, I placed some clean sheets into our clothes dryer, which was purchased 4 years ago. I pushed the "Power" button, then the "Start" button.
When I pushed the "Start" button, instead of the dryer starting to spin, I could see a bright light emanating from a space between the control panel and the dryer frame and a sound similar to a short circuit. Then, I could see black smoke coming through a space between the control panel and the dryer frame with a pungent burning smell.
I immediately turned off the dryer as well as quickly unplugged it from the wall to make certain that there would be no chance of the machine, the short circuit or anything else related to the dryer could start again and potentially start a fire in my house.
On April 21st, I contacted General Electric through their Facebook page outlining my frustration with the product, mainly concerned with the safety of my family. They had arranged for someone to come out to my house on May 1st to look at the dryer. At that time, they were willing to forgo the trip charge of $109.95.
The service person came out May 1st and diagnosed the problem very quickly - the main control board had shorted out from what anyone could tell, for no reason. The technician initially indicated the initial cost to replace was around $800. But when we explained what happened and the danger of what occurred, he was able to get the price of repair down to $310.00

Though I acknowledge General Electric stepped up and waived fees and the service person reduced the fee as much as possible, we have heard of other people experiencing something of a similar nature. The technician was aware of a few other times he had seen this same issue, but when we commented that perhaps it is a bigger problem, he stated that if there was a bigger issue, there would be a recall. While that may be the case, it takes enough people reporting an issue in order for them to know and take action. We are filling this out in the hope of a record of our experience is added to your database so that it is on record with your organization.

It should be noted that we did file a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General's office. Since the complaint, General Electric did step-up and reimburse us for the cost of the dryer repair.
Incident, No Injury
50 years

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