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Summer Classic manufacturer-Wicker Swivel Glider
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Summer Classic
Wicker Swivel Glider - I cannot find the exact SKU
none on product
I have 2 Summer Classic Swivel Loungers that were purchased in Mar 2017. They are the same style as the ones recalled but the exact model is not listed. The seat snapped off the base. The metal post that connects the base to the seat literally snapped in an almost clean break. I have pictures of the base and pictures of the bottom of the seat. I had no idea the product was recalled. I was told by the local Summer Classic store that replacement bases were no longer available. In an effort to find a way to repair this chair (as it is expensive) I sent an email to the company. The company did not reply. As I went to the website again to send a follow up inquiry, I noticed the recall. Again the model I own is the not included in the recall list. I own two "Summer Classic - Wicker Swivel Gliders". There were no serious injuries resulting from the event other than a good scare and slight back soreness the following 2 days.
Incident, No Injury
56 years
I have two swivel rockers. I have sent 2 inquiries and one voicemail to manufacturer.
File NameDescription
IMG_0858.jpg Swivel base and seat
IMG_0859.jpg Swivel base and seat

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