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a thrusting vibrating sex toy.
Personal Care
Comfort & Relaxation
Massage Devices or Vibrators (1610)
PHE, Inc.    
eves deluxe thruster - royal blue - order num 4301965103
adam and eve website
Purchase date. 4_30_2019. model name eves deluxe thruster - royal blue , order number [REDACTED]. item total with discount 62.48.

5/15/2019 at around 10pm me and girlfriend were playing with a sex toy we bought from adam and eve. 5 minutes into playing she stared complaining about discomfort, then after a few more seconds while trying to adjust toy to find comfort she started screaming and feeling sharp pain. Once this happened as I was pulling the toy out from her vagina blood starting pouring out. many big blood clots flowed out and the bleeding continued. The toy while inside of her seems to have broke apart internally then broke through the outer wall of the toy and a drill bit like metal device penetrated the toy and was sticking out and digging into her vagina wall. it needs to be understood that this toy thrusts and rotates, so the metal object sticking out of the toy was sharp, metal and spinning and thursting very fast. The design of this going inside a humans body with no safety considerations with their construction is unacceptable. After getting her to the hospital I contacted the manufacture, adam and eve, I called 7 times. 6 times while calling into their center I was laughed at, hung up on, and called a women. All of these with laughter in the background. After finally getting in touch with someone they did refund the money and did remove the product. my only concern now is they have many products with the same internal devices that this could happen to as well.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
My Spouse
55 years
i have contacted them, i asked to settle out of court and they wont agree to my terms, they also removed just one item from their website, you can tell that they have many models that use the same insides for their toys. Also, they should have to recall

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