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Zinus 12" Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress (Queen)
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Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress
Product: Zinus 12" Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress:
Issue: This mattress has a major design flaw: it sheds fiberglass through the mattress cover, which comes into contact with consumers and causes health issues! I really believe this product should be banned from sale until it's redesigned. Could be affecting thousands of consumers without their knowledge.

I ordered the Zinus mattress off Amazon after spending a lot of time researching mattresses. It had a lot of positive reviews and was very affordable so I wanted to give it a shot. However, before it arrived I stumbled across a number of concerning reviews from people who ran into severe issues with the fiberglass contained in the mattress. An online search for "Zinus fiberglass" or a search in the Amazon reviews for "fiberglass" returns a significant number of complaints, some which are very startling.

It turns out that in order to give the all-foam mattress some fire resistance, Zinus wraps the foam layers in a fiberglass sock. Zinus acknowledges that they use fiberglass and say that it's an approved material. The issue is that the fiberglass sock easily sheds the glass fibers, and the thin polyester mattress cover does not prevent it from seeping through and coming into contact with consumers and their homes! There are videos on Youtube of people showing just how easily the fibers can flake off the fire sock.

Zinus states that the cover should not be removed, and sure enough a lot of the horror stories online come from people who didn't notice that warning or thought it wouldn't be an issue. When they take the outer covering off, the fiberglass sock is exposed - even the slightest friction can disturb the fiberglass and make it airborne. People reported that fiberglass infested their clothing and bedrooms, causing them to have to spend thousands of dollars after throwing out clothing and paying for remediation. To be fair, the mattress cover has a zipper, almost like it was intended to be washable - most consumers wouldn't know not to remove it unless they read a tiny warning on the tag.

I assumed that I wouldn't have any issues as long as I never removed the outer covering, so I never did. The mattress arrived without any damage and I put cotton sheets on it before using it. But I noticed I was waking up with small skin rashes after I had slept on the mattress for just a couple nights. On top of that, my eyes and throat began to feel slightly irritated like I was allergic to something (and I don't suffer from allergies). After a couple more nights, I started noticing that I would regularly feel small itches just laying in bed, like I was being poked by very small needles. This made me start wondering if the fiberglass could be leaking even though I didn't remove the cover.

Most alarmingly, around this time I started having a sensation like my throat was being constricted or obstructed. It was scary because I didn't know if it would keep getting worse and eventually restrict my breathing. I went to a doctor and mentioned that I wondered if it could be a reaction to the new mattress - he had no way of being able to tell if the mattress was the cause. He told me to come back if the tightness continued over the next couple days.

I ended up shining a flashlight over my bed sheets since I had started to suspect that my mattress could be causing all the issues. Sure enough, I could easily see hundreds of miniscule glass fibers intertwined with my sheets! They could only be seen when light hit them at the right angle, and they were perfectly straight and clear. Somehow they had gotten all over my sheets and comforter, even the parts that never came in direct contact with the mattress. I also found dozens of fibers inside my pajamas that I had worn in bed! I realized at that point that all the itches and skin irritation had probably been caused by the leaking fiberglass.

I contacted both Zinus customer service and Amazon directly. Zinus only said that the fiberglass shouldn't leak and I probably had a defective one, and I should ask Amazon for a replacement. I strongly believe it wasn't an isolated defective mattress - this is a design flaw by Zinus. There's no way that a thin fabric cover should be the only barrier between a person and a layer of fiberglass, especially when they're moving around on the mattress and causing friction that could disturb that layer! Luckily Amazon took the mattress back because I would not have accepted a replacement. Based on other Zinus product reviews, the fiberglass issues are widespread across almost all of their mattresses. There are so many other reviews warning people not to buy the mattresses due to the fiberglass issues, but most consumers won't see these reviews because they're getting buried under thousands of positive reviews.

I got rid of the mattress thanks to the Amazon return, bought a new one from a different brand made in the USA, and washed my sheets multiple times. All of my symptoms (skin/eye irritation & throat constriction) disappeared within a couple days of me getting rid of the mattress! If I had all that fiberglass leaking and causing issues after only having the mattress for about a week, I can't imagine how bad the issue could get after sleeping on the mattress regularly for a year or more. It seems like Zinus is one of a few mattress companies that uses fiberglass socks as a cost-saving way to meet fire-resistance regulations, but they clearly aren't testing these designs to make sure the fiberglass will be contained inside the mattress.

It's terrible to think that kids and adults could be sleeping on these mattresses and suffering from chronic health issues, not having any clue that the issues are being caused by their mattress. People wouldn't be able to see the fiberglass with the naked eye and wouldn't find out about the issue unless they did their own research. I really hope it can be recalled and redesigned as soon as possible.

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27 years
Emailed/called Zinus directly. I emailed their customer support before receiving the mattress. They assured me the fiberglass would not cause issues if the cover was kept on. Called them after finding fiberglass in my sheets - told me to get replacement.

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