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Safety Concern - Product Zinus Spa Sensations 5 Memory Foam Youth Mattress. Encase cover is made with fiberglass. Email rec'd today 5/28/2019 from Zinus I voided the mattress flammable warranty because I removed the zipper cover which they believe is a locked zipper cover, which it is not. There are two covers the zipper and the encase, the encase cover is the made with Fiberglass. I bought the product in 2016 and has a 10 year warranty. There are reviews I have read consumers complaining of the same issue. I removed the zipper cover to wash and soon after I started itching. I looked @my pants and full of fibers. I was wearing a pair of jeans and leggings and the fiberglass penetrated both. My resolution sought to the Zinus I just want a mattress that does not have a cover that has fiberglass, or a new mattress without fiberglass. I was denied. I did further research and the mattress only needs to conform to fire regulations, but Zinus is stating it is the encase cover. If there were to be a fire the cover would let off toxins, i.e., Formaldehyde and I did state that the cover is a silicate product and unsafe, both I spoke to acknowledged. Was also recorded in my first call and I was not informed of that. Sent numerous pictures. Do not recall in reading the product details/description in 2016 fiberglass in the product. Emailed Zinus 5/23/2019 and was told would send via email form to complete. I called again on 5/24/2019 and another emailed me to send pics, etc., which I did. I still have the information packet that came with the product and does not mention about fiberglass in its product. Friction breaks down fiberglass, slept on.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
59 years
I believe after complaints Zinus added about the fiberglass making burden of proof on the consumer.
Comment from ZINUS INC 7/5/2019
Zinus’ mattresses have an inner fiberglass fire barrier that is used to comply with the federal fire retardant regulations under 16 CFR 1633 and the California regulations of Technical Bulletin 117-2013. The fiberglass fire barrier is a healthier alternative to compliance with fire retardant regulations than by using fabrics treated with fire retardant chemicals.

The incident report states that Zinus’ inner fiberglass fire barrier “would let off toxins, i.e., Formaldehyde” if there were to be a fire. This is factually incorrect. The fiberglass fire barrier is a silicate product made from silica sand, which is inert. Fiberglass does not burn and does not release formaldehyde or any other substance when heated.

When used as instructed, Zinus’ mattresses including their inner fiberglass fire barriers, pose no harm to consumers whatsoever. The fiberglass spread to this consumer’s jeans and leggings only because the consumer removed the outer mattress cover and slept on the inner fiberglass fire barrier. This constituted product misuse. The care instructions, which are attached to the mattress adjacent to the end of the zipper, instruct the consumer to “spot clean” the mattress. The instructions state, “DO NOT REMOVE COVER”. Zinus has taken additional steps to ensure that consumers do not remove the mattress cover by unzipping the zipper. The slider body of the zipper has been sewn over with fabric so as to prevent access. Moreover, the pull tab has been removed from the slider body to prevent the zipper from being opened.

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