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I'm a disabled US Army Veteran and had a Great Call medical 911 device to carry around my nick for Medical Emergencies. I was asked by Great Cal dba Best Buy to up grade to the new more effective Great Call 911 Lively device, as it has Fall Detection, GPS, 911, Medical alerts etc.

I soon learned that is has none of these and did not work for me on several times, I called Great Call and Best Buy who admitted the device is defective and they will soon recall them. They told me NOT to complain to any Government agencies and they will send me a new type of device and some money as well as Gift Cards to Best Buy to keep me quiet.

This device as they now admit is defective and they wanted to wait until after the annual shareholders meetings to protect their stock prices then they would recall them and assist us. All under fraud, false pretenses and failure to inform the public of the serious recall and defective devices
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Great Call Lively 911 Medical Alert Device
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3/29/2019 This date is an estimate
I had bought a Best Buy Great Call Medical 911 device called the Lively alert, they said it was water proof, had GPS, had Fall Detection, had 24-7 help etc.

It was all a lie and false the device does NOT work and they now admit it that the device is now on recall as the device is defective and does not work for anything. It is defective and they knew it for several months but did NOT want the share holders or investors and the Board to know until after the annual meeting.

As a 100% Disabled Veteran i relied on their device for 911, Medical emergency and more it did not ever work I called several times only to be told we are looking into it, finally a honest person admitted the device was and is a fraud it never worked and thus if I return it without filing a complaint they would give me a free[REDACTED] device, and $1500.00 and Gift Cards for their parent company Best Buy for what ever i wanted.

I will not par take in the corruption and dishonest of these companies
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65 years
The company knew it was defective and did not want it made public
Comment from Greatcall, Inc. 6/21/2019
GreatCall stands behind its products and customer service. On or about May 4, 2019, GreatCall began notifying directly all consumers who have a service account for the Lively® Mobile Plus that GreatCall is voluntarily recalling. The recall, which is being conducted in cooperation with CPSC, addresses an identified quality issue in a limited number of units manufactured earlier this year. GreatCall has offered all participating consumers affected by the recall a full refund (purchase price, activation fee and 5Star urgent response service fees); a $50 Best Buy gift card; and a free Jitterbug Flip phone as a substitute product with a lower monthly fee for access to 5star services, plus 250 call minutes monthly, free voicemail and free text messaging. If you have not yet participated in the voluntary recall, or if you have any other questions, please call 1-800-359-1791.

CPSC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database on, particularly with respect to information submitted by people outside of CPSC.