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I stepped onto a escalator at the Manchester Boston Regional Airport leading up from the check in counter to the TSA security check in. I was wearing rugged soled hiking shoes and I stepped onto the center of the step. The escalator was not busy with one family of three at least 10 steps behind me. I actually looked down at the escalator to make sure that my feet were centered. I was not walking on the escalator had only a small carry on bag with me. Approximately 1/2 way up the escalator I felt a bump which shifted my footing slightly into the riser of the step in front of me. I noticed that my shoe was caught and though that I could free it by pulling on it. When the escalator reached the top, the tread and riser came together, pulling my shoe and foot into the space between the tread and riser. When the escalator reached the top, the comb sheared the front two inches off of my rugged shoes and nipped off the top of three toes. I threw my body weight forward and pulled my foot out of the shoe, causing further injury to my ankle and permanent disability to my knee. The Escalator company maintained that there was no manufacturing defect on the device. This accident is bothersome because I followed all the guidelines provided by CPSC Release number: 08-264 and they were not sufficient to prevent a permanent disability. This accident could have been devastating had a child's foot become entrapped, because they would not have the strength to pull their foot from a tied sturdy shoe.
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Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
57 years
Manuffacturer claims no defect in their product
File NameDescription
IMG_6761 (1) - Copy.JPG Damaged shoe - I did not upload injured foot
IMG_6767.JPG Damaged shoe - I did not upload injured foot photos
shoe part in escalator four days later - escalator still out of service_Redacted.jpg escalator with shoe part still visible four day after incident

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