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Scepter smart control gas can. 2.5 gal. Bought at Walmart. Came out new this year (2019). Its red, with a black nozzle and a big square green release button on the nozzle
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Smart control gas can
3/1/2019 This date is an estimate
Scepter smart control gasoline can

I was trying to fill my push mower with gasoline. The push button to open the valve is always stiff and hard to push, but this time when it finally opened, gasoline shot out of it straight up into my face and eyes.

After running inside to flush water in my eyes to stop the burning, I went back out to see what had happened and noticed the can looked a little bloated. Like there was still pressure.

Since the weather warned up here, I guess pressure built up in the can since its sealed tight. So when I opened the valve with it tipped up to pour into the tank, all of that pressure was suddenly released. I'm still not entirely sure how it shot straight up unti my face.

I decided to take a small nail and puncture a hole in the top/back of the can like old gas cans used to have and the moment I did, you could hear the air whooshing out from the pressure still built up.

The same thing happened to my mom, though thankfully the pressure hadnt built up enough yet to shoot it in her face.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
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