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This Tidy Cats Lightweight litter is very, very dusty. It literally leaves a plume of fine white powder everywhere, walls, furniture, cats food, water dish, carpet, bedding...etc. You cannot help but to breathe it in. My cat did and she is dead. I was also in that bedroom and I developed respiratory issues too and it also affected my platelets. Had to have my spleen removed because of it and the whole cleaning the litter dust I cannot breathe and then hospitalized again with the same cloudiness in my
lungs that my cat died of.
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Tidy Cats Lightweight litter 19.5 lb.
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I purchased Tidy Cats Lightweight litter. It was very very dusty. It left a plume of heavy dust throughout my bedroom where the litter box is. My heathy cat quickly developed a bad cough, she has a cloudiness in her lungs and is diagnosed with respiratory infection and dies. Soon after I’m in the hospital with respiratory issues and low blood platelets and I almost die. I needed to have my spleen removed and I’m in I C U at UCLA for weeks. I had not been breathing well since. I started cleaning up my bedroom of this fine cat litter dust and then my breathing becomes worse and I cannot breathe at all. I go to my local hospital where I receive. CT scan of my lungs, chest X-ray and EKG. Doctors confirmed that I too have the cat litter dust in my lungs. I have read a lot of bad reviews on this product recently and consumers have been complaining for years about this product and it has also killed cats, I’m lucky it didn’t kill me. Please, please look into this product. It is a hazard to pets and people!!!
My doctors are also filing this warning with the Consumer Product Safety Board.
Injury→Injury, Hospital Admission
58 years
Comment from Nestle 6/14/2019
At Purina, nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of pets and the people who love them. Millions of consumers use our litter products and what you are describing is extremely unusual. We’d like to connect with you to get more information. Please reply to the emails we have sent or contact us at (855) 744-1216. Thank you.

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