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White, top loading high efficiency low water washer
Home Maintenance and Structures
Laundry, Fabric Care & Sewing
Washing Machines, Other or Not Specified (140)
Sears Holdings Management Corporation    
Kenmore elite
P/N W10873894A
South Carolina
12/28/2017 This date is an estimate
At approximately 11:35pm on May 4, 2019, I was awaken to a loud crashing noise, followed by a crackling sound. I followed the crackling sound to my laundry room and found the lid to my washer had spontaneously shattered. We had the lid up because we had been doing laundry 5 hours earlier and was letting the washer dry. The shattered glass remain in the frame of the lid, with a few shards of glass on the floor, in front of the washer.
I lowered the lid and there were a few shards of glass near the back of the lid where some had popped out.

I googled “Kenmore elite shattered glass” and found pictures, videos, and complaints from other people dating back to 2016. This problem has been going on for awhile.

We never sit anything on our washer and nothing had dropped onto it. Again, the lid was open when the incident occurred.

The model number is P/N W10873894A and is a Kenmore Elite top loading washer.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
52 years
The washer is still in our laundry room, but will be taken away when new washer purchased from {REDACTED] is delivered on May 8, 2019.

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