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Cascade Mountain Tech Stadium Seat
Stadium Seat
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New Mexico
On 4/27/19 I was at my daughter’s softball game and sitting on a Cascade Mountain Tech stadium seat. This seat was purchased at Costco. The seat is made from aluminum and has a hook underneath the seat which attaches to the bleacher to keep it secure. This is a stadium seat that the manufacturer says is rated at 250lbs. The manufacturer is Cascade Mountain Tech. About me, I am a 49 year old male and weigh 137lbs. While watching my daughter play in her game the seat hooking mechanism broke which pitched me backwards. I fell into the 90 degree corner edge of the bleacher behind me injuring my back. If I’d been on the top row of the bleacher I’d have fallen approximately 7 feet to concrete. Upon examining the seat, I found that the hook attaches to the frame with a threaded nut. The frame attachment point is what broke thereby releasing the hook and sending me pitching backward.

This seat is used almost every weekend in aluminium grandstands. It has never been abused, used by anyone weighing more than 137 lbs and used in accordance with the Cascade Mountain Tech's guidance. I bought two of these stadium seats at Costco at the same time. After the incident, I inspected the other seat and found the hook that secures the seat to the grandstand was loose and when I slightly put pressure on the hook it broke off! This is ridiculous! We have used these seats on the top seat of the grandstands where there's no backing where the fall would've been much further. This is not something that is exclusive to our seats. It will occur to anyone who has used this seat for any length of time. After a year of use the hook attaching metal became week and led to my injury.

Again, this is a stadium seat that the manufacturer says is rated at 250lbs. The manufacturer is Cascade Mountain Tech.

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Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
49 years
I contacted the manufacturer and told them about their seat defect. Jan, a customer service representative for Cascade Mountain Tech told me "We've sold millions of these seats and this has only happened 3 times." She offered to send me a replacement seat
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Cascade Mountain Tech 2.jpg View where hook attached.
Cascade Mountain Tech 1.jpg Hook mount next to where it defectively broke away from

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