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Redi Shade - Original Pleated Paper Shade
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Window Shades, Venetian Blinds or Indoor Shutters (638)
Redi Shade
Original Pleated Paper Shade
The product is called "Redi Shade - Original Pleated Paper Shade". It is a window shade made from paper, with an adhesive at one end that mounts to the top of the window shade. It comes with 2 clips that hold the pleats together to allow the height of the shade to be adjusted.

The problem is that the ends of the paper shade are razor sharp, and the paper is just sufficiently strong enough that it readily gives deep paper cuts. I got two paper cuts while installing the shades. Additionally, the act of attaching the two enclosed clips is exactly the action that will most likely give the paper cut. That is because the shade had no external structural support, so it flops down when held in one hand. The other hand is forced to run a finger along the bottom of the shade to collect the pleats together so that the appropriate number of them can be clipped. But running the finger along the bottom of the shade is EXACTLY the action that will cause the paper cut.

One solution is to make the edges of the paper shade less sharp. A second solution is to warn the consumer that the paper edge should be made dull with some sort of instrument. I used a small piece of wood with a notch, and I ran it across the bottom edge 2-3 times to make it dull.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
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