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Midwest Can. 6 Gallon gasoline Flame Shield. Nothing in the instruction noting the problem. Just on how to use it. So when your at the gas station to fill the container it is a shock to see the gasoline blow back at you. WWW.MIDWESTCAN.COM | 10800 W. Belmont Ave.
Franklin Park, IL 60131
This is a flaw that needs to be addressed. Was certified // Carb E.O. #G-16-001 & EPA # GMDCPPFCS001
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I am bringing into the face the new type of gas cans sold by Midwest Can Company regarding the blow back from gasoline that is filling the container will soak you and the ground around you. They have come up with a safety feature to help prevent accident fires from an outside source. At the Gas Pump when filling the container the gasoline will spray all over as the insert that is a safety feature in itself is dangerous when you are not ready when you be give filling the container with gasoline. Problems can arise if an open source for ignition is present. I am supplying the email conversation.
[REDACTED], I misunderstood your original question when you mentioned “filling it up” I assumed you meant lawn equipment or automobile. In this case, every gas station pumps gas at different GPM (gallon per minute) flow rates. I have even had this “blow back” happen why filling up my car when the station flowed to fast. When you notice the container having problems keeping up with the flow rate, do not press the pump as hard. Someone I need to use 1/2 -3/4 amount of pressure at the nozzle. There are certain stations where I am able to apply full pressure, but some I cannot so I adjust how much pressure I squeeze accordingly. Hopefully this helps answer your question.

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