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Serial #RL193710
Gas Ranges or Ovens (279)
GE Appliances, a Haier company    
GE Profile Gas
Jim's Appliances
A GE Profile Series Front Control Slide-In Gas Range was delivered by Jim's Appliances, Boise, ID, to my home on December 18, 2018. It was connected to the gas line in my kitchen by a licensed plumber on 12/19/18. Subsequently, during a clock replacement service call, a technician from Jim's Appliances noted that the gas valve for the broiler was not working. Another was ordered by service at Jim's Appliances and replacement of the defective valve was done on March 20 at 9am. After the new valve was installed the technician tested it and all other gas-related functions. He left, and a short time later I smelled a hint of gas. Figuring it was residual odor after the gas to the stove was turned back on, I checked the burners in the stove and broiler by briefly turning them on, then off. The odor went away and did not appear to return. I considered lying down for a nap but decided to go to a neighbor's instead. About an hour later I returned home. When I opened the front door I was hit by a strong, acrid smell. I suspected it was coming from the stove, possibly the broiler burning off some factory residue. When I opened the oven it was hot although all of controls were in the off position. I had not left it on, I knew that, but I couldn't figure out what was causing the oven to be so warm. I left it for a few minutes to see if it would cool off. Maybe, I thought, the newly connected wifi (the technician had me connect it when he was there earlier so the clock would keep time) had started the oven while I was gone. I had not touched the app, and there was no reason for this to have happened, but I don't understand such things so that was one of my considerations. I called my neighbor to ask her to come over to help me figure out what was going on, she didn't pick up. While I was waiting to call her back, I looked at the oven again and heard a sound that resemble that of a pilot light flickering. This range doesn't have a pilot light though, so I was still at a loss as to what was going on. I could not see a flame or any source of the heat that was still being generated. I also noticed that the air in my house had begun to take on the look of a sheer blue veil and I felt a bit foggy myself. I called my neighbor again about 10 minutes later and she told me to get out of the house. I met her in street and asked her to open my front door to check for a smell. Once she got a whiff, she had me call 911 for Fire & Rescue. I also called the service technician and requested that he return to the house.
The FD arrived within minutes. The technician not long after. Apparently FD called [REDACTED] Gas and their man arrived next.
According to Boise FD, my house was filling up with carbon monoxide and their was a fire burning in the manifold inside the range. The seal on one of the gas distribution pipes going to one of the burners was leaking and the flame from the oven or broiler had been drawn back to the manifold, igniting the gas when I turned the burners on before I left the house. The gas to the then the entire house was turned off. The gas tech pressure checked the lines in my house and found all of them to be in good working order. The service technician tightened the Control Valve that had been leaking .The situation appeared to be under control and the firefighters, gas tech and service tech were about to leave when the gas tech decided to check the Control Valve one more time. It was still leaking even though it had been tightened multiple times by [REDACTED], the service repair technician. The gas to the range was turned off, for good this time. The Boise FD filled out a report. The [REDACTED] Gas technician left me with a Notice of Hazardous Condition regarding a Defective Control Valve. The service technician from Jim's Appliances also mentioned the range's Defective Control Valve when he called GE while he was still here.
The range was removed from my home March 21, 2019, by Jim's Appliances. I received a check for the full amount, including taxes and my cost of initial installation.
I am filing this report because I am deeply concerned about this range and what appear to be several flaws in it's design and/or parts. But for the fact that I decided to visit a neighbor rather than take a nap, I might well have succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Whether or not my house would have gone up in flames or as a result of a gas explosion is not in my purview. I leave it to those who read this to make that decision.

I am hopeful that by filing this complaint an investigation into the possibility of a dangerous Defect in the Control Valve on the GE Profile Series 30 Slide-In Range will be undertaken. The outcome for me could have been very different and I want to make sure no one else is put into the same dangerous situation as I was.
Injury→Injury, Level of care not known
67 years

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