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Viking Oven
Gas Ranges or Ovens (279)
Gerhard's Appliances
My wife and I purchased a Viking oven form Gerhard's Appliances in Doylestown, Pa. on December 1, 2018. Within two weeks the door hinges broke keeping the door from closing. I complained and insisted that Gerhard replace the oven.They refused stating that it could be fixed. A couple weeks later the door was repaired. Immediately afterwards, the flames on the stove began to act erratically, blowing sideways instead of upwards. I continued to insist that I wanted a new oven, but Gerhard's refused again stating it was a Viking problem. Viking sent out a repair man from [REDACTED] Appliance. The repair man said nothing was wrong with the oven. I emailed videos and pictures to Viking and they acknowledged that there is a problem. They sent another repair company out, [REDACTED] Appliance, who did the repairs on the door. Again the repair man found nothing wrong. It wasn't until we were cooking something in the oven that we noticed that when the internal fan kicked on, the flames on the stove went out leaving unlit gas to escape into the kitchen. We noticed that the higher set flames were distorted and again operating erratically. I contacted [REDACTED] Appliances and Viking and and a repairman came out on March 20, 2019. He acknowledged the problem and contacted Viking. Viking told him that they are aware of the problem, but there is no current fix. I informed Gerhard's of this and again demanded that they take back the oven, and again they refused. Stating it is passed the return period. Today, Viking informed me that they have a fix for the problem, but it will take several weeks to get repaired. I informed Gerhard's of this and told them if this repair does not work, I want my money back. Gerhard's refused. Now, for the next several weeks I am using an oven that can blow up my house, but Gerhard's and Viking don't care.
Incident, No Injury
I have contact Viking and Gerhard's dozens of times. Viking keeps sending repair people to my home, Gerhard's keeps lying and denying responsibility

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