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GE Monogram Direct Air Convection Built-In Electric Wall Oven
Product Number: ZET1SH1SS
Serial Number: DF600995Q
Color: stainless steel
Professionally mounted and installed by home builder Richmond American homes in 2015
Electric Ranges or Ovens (Excl Counter-top Ovens) (278)
GE Appliances, a Haier company    
GE Monogram
Home builder Richmond American Homes
Product is GE Monogram Wall-Mounted electric oven. Model ZET1SH1SS; S/N DF600995Q. It was installed in a brand new construction in 2015.

Incident: When using the oven and moving the dial from Low Broil to Hi Broil, we removed food ready from the oven and closed the door. Upon the attempt to open again to remove the second food item, the oven had a big spark, and a made loud and continuous buzzing sound, that of an electric shock. Fire ensued but after closing the door, the circuit breaker tripped, burning pieces of metal fell from the top of the oven to the food on the oven rack. We left the door closed until the fire stopped.

After the oven cooled off, we inspected it and saw that the metal holding the top heat element was burnt and broken. We saw pieces of metal broken on top of the flatbread we were cooking and other pieces that were shot towards the oven door made a small dent in the glass and the edge of the oven door.

This situation could have resulted in large fire as the oven is mounted on wooden kitchen cabinets or body injury considering that the metal that was shot out was so hot that it left chip in a glass and damaged the edge of the door, both designed to withstand very high heat. Should a piece of such metal get in contact with the skin at such velocity and heat, the injury could be devastating.

Incident, No Injury
44 years
The damaged oven it mounted so it is in the house. I tried calling GE support but they indicated that there is no GE repair employee and the I should look in the yellow pages for an authorized GE repairshop in my area.
File NameDescription
WP_20190316_12_34_40_Pro_LI.jpg Smoked, damaged glass in oven door
WP_20190316_12_34_46_Pro_LI.jpg Food in oven. Left flat bread has burnt piece of metal
WP_20190316_12_34_53_Pro.jpg Top heat element
WP_20190316_12_37_49_Pro_LI.jpg Oven P/N and S/N
WP_20190316_12_35_13_Pro_LI.jpg Close-up of burnt metal holding heat element

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