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GE gas range oven JGB635DEK2WW
Gas Ranges or Ovens (279)
GE Appliances, a Haier company    
Tiso Appliances
New York
10/10/2018 This date is an estimate
GE gas range oven reviews on a DANGEROUS GE gas range oven and the store that recommended this product.

Helpful personnel, but they don't know their dangerous range ovens. They recommended GE over [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Just had GE service (useless) out on a range oven we bought in October. Here is the review I put at the GE site. Oh, and service guy who googled instead of repairing and read from Google (yes, he read) that the scaldingly hot stove top is a known problem because of the oven vent? I just boiled pasta, and the stovetop (cheap porcelain) got equally scaldingly hot. Nice try, GE. Bottom line, DO NOT BUY A GE GAS RANGE OVEN. "Product is 5 months old. FIVE. I had my previous GE stove for 28 years. TWENTY EIGHT! So, after struggling with cooking in the oven and not having it come out right, AND finding that the stovetop became DANGEROUSLY hot to the touch when the oven was on, we called out GE Service. What a joke. Their answer, and they pointed to paperwork that backed them up because it is obviously a known issue that GE products are inferior? The new oven doesn't cook like the old oven, iow, it's made in a third world country and the CUSTOMER has to adjust their cooking time because the stove is inferior. The other problem, where the stovetop gets DANGEROUSLY hot to the touch and if a child touched it they could get burned? The hot air is vented out downwards - obviously a design flaw - when the oven is on and the stove top gets hot in the middle. Um, sorry, nice try but the stove top was getting scaldingly hot where the air wasn't hitting. Oh and no, again nice try, but my pot size wasn't the problem when I just used the burners. All in all, GE gas ranges are badly designed and made AND dangerous, and I HIGHLY encourage you NOT TO BUY A GE GAS RANGE."

Incident, No Injury
Manufacturer referred us to Tiso, who referred us to GE Services.

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