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1/5/2019 This date is an estimate
The submitter is reporting the product for posing a health hazard. He believes the product has a toxic chemical that is causing a runny nose.

He noticed a chemical odor while he was using a tissue. He first noticed the odor when he opened the first box, shortly after purchasing the product. He indicated that his nose began to get runny and remained runny during the time he used the product but once he stopped using the product he began to feel.

He contacted the firm and reported the issue. But he claims they were not concerned and only sent coupons.

He believes someone should examine or test the tissue.
Injury→Injury, Level of care not known
81 years
Comment from KIMBERLY-CLARK CORP. 3/19/2019
Thank you for notifying us about this report regarding Kleenex facial tissues. The safety and quality of our products is a priority. You can be confident that all components in our products have been evaluated and tested to ensure that they are of high quality and safe for their intended use.

Any concerns regarding the safety and quality of Kimberly-Clark products are taken very seriously and investigated by an interdisciplinary team including safety and quality representatives. Quality systems for specific lots are reviewed when product details are provided that allow the specific machine to be identified. In this report, there are no means to ascertain the Manufacturer/Asset Line and date of production so no further investigation on documents and records can be performed.

All of our Kleenex tissue products are made from wood pulp. Because they are designed to be absorbent, it is possible for tissue products to absorb surrounding scents if they are shipped or stored near other products with a scent. More information about ingredients used in our products, and how tissues are made, can be found on our Product Stewardship website at

Kimberly-Clark is committed to delivering safe, high quality products, and we appreciate the opportunity to address any concerns. We will continue to monitor and investigate all consumer reports including reports of this nature.

CPSC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database on, particularly with respect to information submitted by people outside of CPSC.