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This is a small tool used by many crafters, sewists and quilters. It has interchangeable tips of varying shapes that get into small areas where a normal home iron cannot reach. It has an on-off switch that is embedded into the cord (making it more likely to forget to turn it off than a light on the tool itself as many similar tools have). The handle has a protector of sorts that partially surrounds the barrel to prevent direct contact with the heated barrel, but it is inadequate. The tips are also heavier than the rest of the barrel so when laid down, the hot tip contacts the surface on which it is laid. It does come with a stand -- of sorts -- which is pretty useless and flimsy since the tool frequently falls off the stand.
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Mini Iron Model 9100
Joann Fabrics
1/2/2017 This date is an estimate
Love this little iron for my sewing and crafting projects, BUT this iron gets way too could have burned the house down. It was accidentally left on for several hours and managed to burn through the cord, the cutting mat, and the wooden cutting table! The little flimsy stand that goes with it is not adequate. The protective barrel also does not work as intended since the heated tip is weighted and the iron tips past the protective covering. Mine did not come with a heat sleeve, although I think they may now be available separately.

I have sent an email and photos to the manufacturer asking them to consider some safety options. Yes, I know I need to be more careful, but truthfully -- how many crafters have not forgotten to cut something off occasionally? My curling iron, my home iron, et al. all have auto shutoff. I am willing to pay extra for this. I will be buying a separate auto-off plug now for my glue gun, etc. but folks need to be warned about how hot this thing actually can do some serious damage.

I have photos but could not paste into this text block.
Incident, No Injury
66 years
In addition to reviews that praise the intent of the iron, but warn of the hazards, I contacted the manufacturer through their web site and asked that they consider several safety features.
Comment from CLOVER NEEDLECRAFT INC 3/12/2019
As the manufacture we take all safety claims very seriously and want to assure you that we are looking into your concerns about the stand and the pro’s and cons of an auto shut off. We have two locations on the iron explaining the importance of safety and high temperatures. These warnings are on the handle and on the cord next to the plug. We encourage our customers to notify us directly at with any product concerns or safety issues. We are grateful that no serious harm came to you or serious damage to your property. This product has been a go too iron for our customers for over 20 years and we appreciate your feedback and concerns and will investigate them immediately.
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small file Burn hazard.JPG Clover Mini Iron firehazard

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