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GE cafe diahwasher
Dishwashers (214)
GE Appliances, a Haier company    
11/6/2008 This date is an estimate

I purchased a GE Cafe dishwasher 11/2008. On November 6, 2018 I ran a load of dish, just as I always every night before go to sleep. Around 4:30am I woke up with a burn smell all over the house. We checked everything and when we got closed to the dishwasher the lights were saying done as usual but my husband burned his hand in the granite it was very hot the bottom of the small appliances on top of the granite were also very hot. We immediately unplugged the dishwasher. When we open the door a lot of smoke came out and everything inside was melted beyond recognition and glued together. The burned smell stayed in my house I had to keep the house open with the cold outside to ventilate and get the smell out. I unsuccessfully tried to contact GE over the phone then I emailed GE on 11/13/18 and they replied on the next day and scheduled an technician to come to my house on 11/17/18 for assessment. The technician assessed as damages not reparable and I should contact GE for a solution. I called GE today and since there is no recall for this unit and is passed the warranty they only thing they could offer me was a rebate to buy a new equivalent model which I would need to spend almost 1000 in another GE product. Not happy with that, I insisted this is a Hazard issue and should be looked further. GE supervisor said they are aware of the issue on these units meaning there is an issue they say mechanical but honestly is a manufactured issue on these units but since it is not a hazard so there is no recall. Everyone that reported the same issue so far it happened in different time of use so that seems not to be the trigger. Also everyone got lucky they got to it before the problem escalated. Do we need to wait someone get really hurt or have their house burned before this gets seriously looked at and the units be recalled?

Damage assessment:
- all dishwasher safe plastics were melted beyond recognition including my blender cup
- most plastic dishwasher parts were melted beyond recognition - e.g. silverware basket totally gone lost all my silverware glued to it.
- could not move lower tray - wheel damage and plastic stalactites fusing everything together
- GE technician reported damages not reparable offered a rebate and we would have to do an out of pocket of almost $1000.00, not counting on the items lost in the dishwasher. Silverware aprox $300.00, blender cup $50.00, other dishwasher safe items $40.00.
The dishwasher is a GE Cafe model # CDW 9380N20SS serial # RR785976B
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
My Spouse
Contacted GE offered a rebate for a new unit because is out of warranty and there is no recall not very happy with that. GE can not keep getting away with this.

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