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Verizon Fios Cisco TV Cable Box
Serial Number: PKCQWKPZK
Model: CHS335HDC
Type: DVR
TV & Video
Televisions (572)
11/1/2017 This date is an estimate
Last night around 3am, I woke up to the sound of my TV cable box hissing and sparking, just in time to see it CATCH ON FIRE. The fire was shooting out the top vent on the box. Luckily I was able to run over and blow the fire out and unplug it before it caught back on fire. I'm not sure what happened but I think it shorted out. The cable box was turned OFF at the time, so I'm not sure exactly how it happened. The cable box was provided by Verizon Fios TV service. I contacted them and they are sending a replacement, but it's the same model as the previous one and I am worried it too will catch fire. I did a search and found several stories from people who also had issues with their set top box catching on fire, some even lost their homes because of it. This seems like a very serious safety concern and Verizon seems to be ignoring it or brushing it off and simply replacing the damaged cable box with another one just like it. Please investigate this issue. Thank you.
Incident, No Injury
33 years
I contacted them to get a replacement. They have requested that I send the old one back or they will charge me for it.

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