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Hair Dryer
Personal Care
Hair Dryers (1602)
Helen of Troy    
1/15/2015 This date is an estimate
The consumer indicates that her hair dryer was on for approximately five minutes when sparks flew out for a few seconds burning the palm of her hand. The consumer dropped the hair dryer while it was still sparking. The consumer unplugged the hair dryer. The consumer proceeded to ran her burnt hand under cold water.

Upon further inspection of her hair dryer, the consumer notes that there is a melted portion of the barrel approximately the size of a dime, smaller-more like a fingertip; this is a couple, about 7", of inches from where the sparks flew.

The consumer states that the unit was used two to three times per week for approximately ten to fifteen minutes each use.

The consumer plans on keeping her hair dryer for at least the next thirty days in case an investigation ensues.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
55 years
Comment from Helen of Troy 9/12/2018
Revlon licenses Helen of Troy to use the Revlon trademark on its appliances. Revlon's license agreement requires that Helen of Troy design and manufacture the licensed products in accordance with applicable safety and quality standards of the industry, comply with all applicable laws and regulations of any governmental or administrative body, and have all licensed products manufactured according to the standards of the Underwriters’ Laboratories, an independent organization that sets standards for and certifies the safety of electrical appliances. Helen of Troy acknowledges receipt of the submission. We are in the process of investigating the allegations made in the submission.

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