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Kobalt 6-cu ft Steel Wheelbarrow Flat-Free Tire(s)
Item #484309 Model # P6-SF-K 34402

Blue metal wheelbarrow tub with black metal handles and frame. This is the product:
Yard & Garden
Gardening & Landscaping
Wheelbarrows or Lawn Carts (1425)
LF, LLC    
Lowe's Home Improvement
5/10/2018 This date is an estimate
The Kobalt Heavy Duty wheelbarrow was only about two weeks old after my purchase at Lowe's when I was walking backwards with it, loaded with soil and rock. The plastic handle grip slid off, which caused it to tip over and made me stumble backwards. The handle grips are only glued on, and it almost caused me to fall backwards when the plastic grip slid off the metal handle. Should a loaded wheelbarrow lose its grip unexpectedly, it could injure the person using it or a bystander.

After researching user reviews on the Lowe's website, it was clear that other consumers were having the same problem.

See the wheelbarrow and user reviews on the handles here:

I called Kobalt customer service today about this issue and was told "they were no longer servicing this item" and just forwarded me to Lowe's customer service. This is odd since the wheelbarrow is virtually new.
Incident, No Injury
44 years
I might modify it in the future so the handles don't slip off, so I'll likely keep it. I called Kobalt but they told me they are "no longer servicing this product" and referred me to Lowe's customer service.
File NameDescription
IMG_4284.JPG Wheelbarrow product label
IMG_4286.JPG Plastic handle grip which slid off, and metal handle with glue

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