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Weber Genesis 310 purchased in 2013
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Gensis 310
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Weber Genesis gas (propane grill) started up and within 5 minutes of operation the hose just downstream of the regular failed and propane was coming from the hose. The fire continued for several minutes until a small extinguisher was used to extinguish and get close enough to the valve so it could be shut off.

The concern is the flexible hose and regulator are attached to a metal pipe that feeds the ignitors. The rubber hose is in a area that is subject to thermal damage from other metal parts below the grill box. Newer models I understand are separated from the grill box by a piece of sheet metal and some distance. Realistically there's no easy way to shut off the gas since its also located right by the connection to the grill.

Of course the manufacture initially suggested it was probably the gasket on the propane container and also said they didn't like those propane tanks with the gauges on the outside. Turns out both were ok.
Then they suggested it was a grease fire that caused it, but I doubt that as well.
The location of the hose and regulator are to close to the heat source are of combustible construction and potential problems are endless. Bad design that was incorporated now
Incident, No Injury
I'm trying to figure out what to do with the unit. The manufacture suggested to repair the damaged portions

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