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fuel cylinders containing propane, propylene, and MAPP fuel, and related torch attachments that contain safety features - both suffer design defects
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Propane, Lp or Butane Gas Tanks or Fittings (131)
Worthington Cylinders    
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Blain's Farm & Fleet
I am an attorney representing various injured users of the products in USA and Canada. The fuel cylinders have design defects at the neck (topmost area). They fail and explode, causing severe burn injuries and horrific deaths. In discovery the defendant disclosed that the cylinders filled with "MAPP" fuel have a brazing (welding) compound consisting of:

Copper (43-47%); Ethylene glycol (5-10%); Nickel (24-27%); Phosphorus (3-4%)

The other cylinders have brazing compound of 100% copper. The cylinders with the mixed compound are failing on the compound itself for the most part. All the cylinders are failing on the parent metal as well, but the cylinders with MAPP fail much more often on the brazing compound. The fix is to recall and remove all the MAPP cylinders entirely. The "MAPP" cylinders, and only the MAPP, were discontinued in 2008, but there are millions of them still in possession of users worldwide. Those simply need to be recalled and returned to the manufacturer for safe destruction. The propane and propylene need to be recalled and manufactured from a thicker metal. They are presently .021", which is too thin and allows for failures of the parent metal. The torch attachments need to be recalled to improve the safety features and remove the trigger lock mechanism.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
54 years
In litigation with manufacturer

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