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Instant water dispenser. Insinkerator model sst 00
Home Maintenance and Structures
Plumbing & Bath
Faucet Water Heaters (236)
Sst 00
This date is an estimate
Our instant hot water dispenser appears to have shorted out leading to a melting of the insulation. This could be a fire hazard
Incident, No Injury
The manfucter is going to replace the product and wants to take it back to examine it
Comment from InSinkErator 8/15/2018
CPSC Report ID 20180516-FF980-2147387938

The purpose of this response is to reply to the May 16, 2018 online submittal of the above-referenced consumer complaint.

The subject dispenser is a replacement Service Tank that was likely installed for slightly over 8 years. The original tank assembly would have been supplied with a 3-year warranty; any remaining time period applicable to the replacement tank when replacement offered through InSinkErator’s warranty handling process. InSinkErator has no knowledge concerning the previous tank and how/why this replacement tank existed at the reported address.

This InSinkErator hot water dispenser is constructed in compliance with UL Standard ANSI/UL 499 covering Electrical Heating Appliances. A standard 120-volt grounded electrical outlet is required; the type of outlet utilized (standard, GFCI, or AFCI) under the sink for this particular installation is unknown. InSinkErator reviewed the tank assembly finding there was evidence of water seepage from the lower portion of the tank assembly resulting from development of tank corrosion and very minor seepage at the Inlet/Outlet fittings atop the non-pressurized tank assembly. The evidence had been disassembled to some extent prior to return and the drain fitting was missing. Electrical testing of the assembly indicated there was no remaining electrical continuity by which the unit could continue to heat water; this unit ceased to function.

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