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Lift top cocktail table, Model T864-9. Dark brown solid wood construction. Approx. 3ft long by 2ft wide and 2ft high. Table top lifts up via two hinges and reaches a height of approx. 29". Product is advertised as a coffee table with hidden storage underneath the lift top table as well as a work station when table top is lifted in raised position. Advertising photos also contain the table top lifted with food items on it suggesting that one could eat from it while its in the raised position.
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Tables (Excl. Baby Changing Tables, Billiard or Pool Tables (4057)
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.    
Ashley Homestore
While I was eating dinner at the coffee table with it in the fully raised position, there was a loud pop and the table top dropped suddenly a few inches with my plate landing in my lap, wine glass fell onto couch and table top was resting on my left arm. Items on the table at the time were two remotes, my cell phone, place mat, dinner plate with steak and potato, fork, knife, napkin, candle and glass candle holder. Upon review of the table hinges, all screws had ripped from the underside of the table base. They were mounted in a vertical position, which to me appears to be the weakest way to mount the bracket. The next morning my left arm was injured with a large bruise and what appears to be a busted blood vessel a couple inches up from the wrist on the top right of the arm. I have not gone to the doctors or ER. I do expect it to heal on its own.
My concern is what if I had not been around and the lift top part of the table broke off as it did on me and landed our small pet dog, or happen to someone else like a toddler. I have reached out to the seller Ashley Furniture regarding the issue and am awaiting a response.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
38 years
Product still in same location, lift top not usable, contacted seller for refund and reimbursement of damage to other personal property. I'm awaiting a response to a detailed e-mail of the indecent as requested by their customer service agent Autumn.
File NameDescription
IMG_20180422_010801905.jpg facing table from front
IMG_20180423_140226832.jpg inside table looking one of the failed hinges
IMG_20180423_140247797.jpg inside table looking at other failed hinge
IMG_20180422_010730427_LL_redacted.jpg facing table from where one would be seated at table
IMG_20180423_135820688_LL_redacted.jpg image of purchase order

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