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This was the mint looking carseat stroller traveling system by evevenflo. Carseat works great, however, the stroller locks in place but once the baby is placed inside the lock becomes undone from the weight. Infant weighed no more then 20lbs at the time.
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Evenflo Vive Travel Syatem with Embrace
The strollers locking mechanism releases once the baby is placed inside of the stroller and it starts to re-collapse. I have tried to use it twice and this has happened and my husband has used it once and this has happened. Our concern it if it does this with and infant, how are we going to be able to continue to use it and whether or not it is going to hurt a child when it collapses.
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Just started using product, not sure if they can replace it or exchange it for a different stroller.
Comment from Evenflo Company, Inc. 10/3/2018
The consumer did contact Evenflo after she had a problem using her Vive travel system via email and the company responded, advising her she should call in to get guidance on assembly and use from our trained consumer services representatives. She did not respond. The Vive travel system continues to provide safe transport to children when used according to the instructions, which include fully extending the frame until you hear a "click," pushing down on the parent's handle to ensure it is locked in place and, when using the infant seat, using the stabilizer strap to ensure a secure connection of the seat to the stroller frame. of course, the child must also be securely restrained within the seat. Evenflo continues to believe the travel system is safe to use according to the product instructions and this circumstance can only arise when several key steps are omitted from the assembly procedure.

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