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Frigidaire 30-in double oven
Other Ranges or Ovens (280)
Lowe's of Derby CT, Store # 2327
In July of 2015 I purchased a Frigidaire 30 in double oven from Lowe's. The oven was received and installed properly.
After 2 years of use, the interior walls of the oven were not built properly causing them to expand with more exposure to heat. This led to the racks in the oven falling. It is a faulty product that should have been recalled.
The company told me that my 1 year warranty has expired. I explained that this is a faulty product that was not built properly they continued to tell me that they are not responsible and that my manufacturer warranty is out of date.
After the company told me that they would not do anything due to my product being out of manufacturer's warranty I
contacted Lowe's because I purchased an extended warranty through them. They sent Jeff's Appliances out of Shelton to
assess the problem. They said that they product could not be fixed. They called the service department of Frigidaire directly
who told them that they know of the problem and it can not be fixed. They did not ever issue a recall. They stated that the
problem was not fixed until the next model was built In 2016/2017. Lowes stated that they would refund me the cost of the
oven. The problem then lies that all of the ovens that were in that price range did not fit in the cut out of my cabinets. The
only oven that would fit was significantly more expensive. Lowes did discount the oven but I still had to pay the difference
Including Installation and a new extended warranty. I also had to cut my newly refinished cabinets. Lowes corporate
refunded the cost of the Installation. I am still infurated that an oven is still being manufactured that is completely faulty and
almost caused my mother to be severly burned on Thanksgiving when the rack fell with our turkey on it causing a huge
mess and a potential injury. I am also extremely frustrated that I had to pay the difference in the cost of the ovens when I
shouldn't have had to replace a 2 year oven in the first place if the manufacturer took responsibility
Incident, No Injury

Incident, No Injury

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